Drake Surprised by Enormous Bras Thrown Onstage During D.C. Concert

Today, we're bringing you an amusing update from Drake's recent concert in Washington D.C.

Drake, the renowned rapper, found himself in a surprising situation during his performance. He had asked for bras from the audience, a tradition he started recently, and the crowd did not disappoint. However, the size of the bras thrown onstage this time was more than he could handle. They were so massive that they began to concern him.

This tradition started when Drake mentioned the lack of bras being thrown onstage during his concerts. In response, a young woman in New York City threw a 36G bra at him. The tradition continued in Washington D.C., where a couple of ladies went a step further, throwing L- and H-cup bras onstage. Drake was visibly flabbergasted by the size of the bras, much to the amusement of the audience.

Unable to find the women who threw the bras in the crowd, Drake jokingly suggested a potential benefit for ladies with larger bust sizes - free tickets to his concerts. However, this could quickly become an expensive proposition.

The woman who started this trend managed to secure a deal with Playboy. However, it seems that other women with even larger assets are trying to get in on the action. It was initially thought that K was the largest bra size, but it appears there are even larger sizes out there.

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