Lil Tay Is Still Alive! She Claims Her Social Media Was Hacked!!!

Social media influencer, Lil Tay, has debunked rumors of her death, stating that her Instagram account was hacked and used to disseminate false information about her and her brother's demise.

In a recent statement, Tay expressed her distress over the incident, revealing that she had been overwhelmed with calls from concerned loved ones. She clarified that her legal name is "Tay Tian" and not "Claire Hope" as was falsely reported.

Tay extended her gratitude to Meta for assisting in the recovery of her Instagram account and confirmed that the misleading death announcement has been deleted. The reasons behind the 24-hour delay in her response remain uncertain.

It was also highlighted that Lil Tay rose to fame as the "world's youngest flexer," boasting a lavish lifestyle on social media platforms, with a following of 3.2 million on Instagram. She had been inactive on the platform since 2018, coinciding with a reported custody dispute between her parents.

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