Chrisean Rock Seen At Walmart With Baby Sitting In 'Awkward' Position

Chrisean Rock, a new mother, has recently come under scrutiny for the way she held her newborn son. A video that emerged on Thursday showed Chrisean shopping in a Walmart, with her son's head falling back as he slept in a forward-facing baby carrier. This sparked concern among many viewers who pointed out the potential dangers of not supporting an infant's neck. They also criticized her for being seemingly distracted as she was also walking her dog on a leash inside the store.

Watch video here

Blueface, the father of the child, expressed his surprise at the incident on social media, aligning with the concerns of the public. This comes after the two had recently settled some pre-birth disagreements. Chrisean had initially named their son Chrisean Jr., but later agreed to change it to Jonathan Jr., which is Blueface's real name. This decision has reportedly caused some strain in Blueface's relationship with Jaidyn Alexis.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of proper baby handling and the public's watchful eye, especially when it comes to celebrities. It also highlights the challenges new parents face, even more so when under the spotlight.

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