Young Thug's Lawyer Tells Jury That "Pushing P" Means "Pushing Positivity"

In the ongoing YSL RICO trial involving Young Thug, his lawyer made a notable claim in court regarding the meaning of "pushing P."

The lawyer asserted that the phrase, popularized by Young Thug's song "Pushin P," actually stands for "pushing positivity." This interpretation has sparked amusement and skepticism online, with many fans finding humor in the claim.

The trial has been eventful from the start, with delays caused by the prosecution's failure to deliver all text slides from their opening statement to the defense. This led to the dismissal of the jury and a delay in opening statements. Young Thug's lawyer also claimed that his beef with YFN Lucci was merely for clout and exposure for Lucci.

The claim about "pushing P" being about positivity has drawn mixed reactions. Some fans online have praised the lawyer's efforts, while others question the credibility of this interpretation and its potential impact on the trial. The trial is closely followed by fans, eager for insights into Young Thug's world as a rap star.

This development is just one of many in a trial that has already seen a motion for a mistrial filed by Young Thug's defense team, citing the prosecution's failure to turn over their slides.

The judge, however, declined this motion, ruling that the slides needed to be handed over but not granting a mistrial. The trial continues to unfold with keen interest from the public.

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