Travis Scott's Phone Lost In Gulf Of Mexico As Astroworld Lawyers Search For His Phone Records

Travis Scott, the renowned rapper, has recently been under scrutiny due to the tragic events at the Astroworld festival. Last week, lawyers representing the plaintiffs in the Astroworld case filed an emergency motion. They sought to obtain phone records related to the festival from Scott. They alleged that Scott and his team had not provided these documents, even though they were mandated by a court order.

However, there's a twist. According to a court transcript, Scott's attorney revealed that the rapper's phone had been lost at sea. Specifically, it fell off a boat almost two years ago and now lies at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. This revelation came about a week before Scott's deposition.

The motion was filed after David Stromberg, the general manager of Cactus Jack, was deposed. During his deposition, Stromberg mentioned that he hadn't handed his phone over to Scott's lawyers for imaging. This led the plaintiffs' lawyers to believe that no messages, photos, videos, or any other data from the phones of Scott, Stromberg, or their team had been searched or reviewed for production.

The plaintiffs' lawyers also pointed out that Scott and his entity, XX Global Inc., had previously resisted producing these records. They gave various reasons, including concerns over the confidentiality of the information and claims that the requests were redundant.

In a statement, a representative for Scott, Ted Anastasiou, emphasized that Scott and his team were fully cooperating with all ongoing legal proceedings. He stated that Scott's actions during and after the festival, as well as the fact that he was cleared by the Houston Police Department, show that he hasn't done anything wrong.

The legal teams for both the plaintiffs and the defendants had a hearing regarding the emergency motion. During this hearing, it was revealed that the plaintiffs' lawyers only became aware of the missing messages after Stromberg's deposition. Scott's attorney, Steve Brody, mentioned that they would be able to produce relevant records from Stromberg's phone by September 27th. However, as for Scott's phone, it remains unrecoverable from the Gulf of Mexico.

Judge Kristen Hawkins, who is overseeing the case, expressed her concerns over the handling of Scott's phone by his legal team. She questioned why no efforts were made to secure and download data from his phone immediately after the tragic event or to retrieve text messages from alternate sources.

In conclusion, the ongoing legal battle surrounding the Astroworld tragedy continues to unveil new developments, with the lost phone being the latest revelation. The case underscores the importance of transparency and the challenges of retrieving crucial evidence in such high-profile incidents.

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