Lil Yachty Says Hip-Hop Is In A Terrible Place Right Now

Lil Yachty, during a panel at Rolling Stone's Musicians event in Brooklyn, expressed his views on the current state of hip-hop, describing it as being in a "terrible place."

He attributes this to a lack of originality and risk-taking among artists, leading to excessive repetition and a general sense of boredom within the genre. Yachty emphasized his preference for taking risks over playing it safe in music.

Additionally, Yachty's views were contrasted with those of J. Cole, who shared a less negative perspective on the current hip-hop scene during an episode of Yachty's podcast, "A Safe Place."  

J Cole acknowledged his preference for the era he grew up in but also recognized the importance of the current era in paving the way for future developments in hip-hop.

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