Gillie Da Kid Vulgarly Taunted About Son's Passing By Charleston White: 'Rest In Piss'

The longstanding feud between Gillie Da Kid and Charleston White escalated significantly when White made highly insensitive remarks about the tragic passing of Gillie Da Kid's son, YNG Cheese, who was shot and killed in Philadelphia last summer. On March 25, 2024, White leveraged this painful event in a series of social media posts, following Gillie's accusation of him being a snitch.

In a distressing turn, White mocked the death of Gillie's son in an Instagram video, saying, "You got a dead son, and you talking about snitching, ngga... That ngga shot your son in the head." He further disrespected the memory of YNG Cheese by telling Gillie's son to "rest in piss" while making urination noises, a move that has drawn widespread condemnation.

White's posts did not stop there; he shared a photo of the deceased and wrote disparagingly, indicating he would have informed on the killers, further taunting Gillie Da Kid with his loss. This incident has sparked outrage and brought to light the depths to which some will go in the name of rivalry or online feuding.

The murder of YNG Cheese occurred on the night of July 20, 2023, in Philadelphia's Olney neighborhood. He was shot once in the back and pronounced dead at the hospital. Two other men were also injured in the shooting but were in stable condition following the incident.

In the wake of his son's death, Gillie Da Kid expressed his profound grief and the impact of the loss on his family, thanking his followers for their support during such a difficult time. The hip-hop community, including artists like Killer Mike, Pusha T, YG, Ja Rule, and Lloyd Banks, have shown their condolences and support for Gillie and his family.

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