50 Cent Suspect In Criminal Battery After Throwing Mic That Hit Fan

50 Cent Suspect In Criminal Battery After Throwing Mic That Hit Fan

Law enforcement authorities have recently confirmed that rapper 50 Cent is now a subject of a criminal battery investigation. This development follows an incident at one of his concerts where he threw a microphone into the audience.

The woman who was hit by the microphone didn't let the matter slide. She promptly filed a police report, escalating the situation into a legal matter that could have serious repercussions for the rapper.

Insiders within the police department have shed some light on the incident. According to them, 50 Cent may have intended to throw the microphone towards his production crew rather than the audience. However, the microphone ended up hitting the woman, making the rapper's intentions a point of contention in the ongoing investigation.

Adding another layer to this complex case is the victim's own account. She claims that 50 Cent made direct eye contact with her before hurling the microphone. This detail could be crucial in determining whether the rapper was aware of her presence and what his intentions might have been.

The woman didn't walk away unscathed; she sought medical treatment for a head laceration she sustained from the incident. This medical detail underscores the severity of the situation and could potentially influence the legal outcome.

The case is still unfolding, and it remains to be seen what consequences, if any, 50 Cent will face for his actions.

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