Yung Miami & DJ Akademiks Have Heated Exchange Online (It Gets Messy)

Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks recently reignited their ongoing feud with a heated online exchange. The conflict intensified when Akademiks provoked Miami about her ex-boyfriend Diddy's sexual assault allegations. Initially, Miami was engaged in an argument with media personality Armon Wiggins, who suggested her anger was misdirected towards Akademiks instead of addressing Diddy's issues.

In response to Wiggins' comments, Akademiks taunted Miami about her silence on Diddy's allegations and made negative remarks about her rap career and personal life. This provoked a direct response from Miami, who accused Akademiks of being a "pervert," referencing his previous social media comments about underaged women.

The feud between Yung Miami and DJ Akademiks has been simmering for years and flared up again with Miami's recent diss track against Akademiks. Their latest public spat has brought up serious topics like sexual assault allegations and inappropriate comments regarding minors.

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