Vince Staples Announces New Album 'Dark Times', Drops First Single 'Shame On The Devil'

Vince Staples has announced his new album, Dark Times, and released its first single, "Shame on the Devil." The Long Beach rapper revealed on Instagram that the album will drop on Friday, May 24. Dark Times marks his final album with Def Jam, a label he joined in 2013.

Reflecting on his journey, Vince Staples shared his gratitude for the opportunity with Def Jam, noting his growth and clarity over the past decade. The album's cover art and tracklist, which includes 13 songs, were also unveiled. The single "Shame on the Devil," featuring Baby Rose on the chorus, is produced by Saint Mino, Tyler Page, Joe Harrison, and Michael Uzowuru.

Staples described the track as a personal achievement, highlighting his musical growth and improved song structure. The album follows his previous five studio releases with Def Jam, including Summertime '06, Big Fish Theory, FM!, Vince Staples, and Ramona Park Broke My Heart, along with two EPs, Hell Can Wait and Prima Donna.

Tracklist for Dark Times:

  1. Close Your Eyes and Swing
  2. Black Blue
  3. Government Cheese
  4. Children’s Song
  5. Shame on the Devil
  6. Etouffee
  7. Liars
  8. Justin
  9. Radio
  10. Nothing Matters
  11. Little Homies
  12. Freeman
  13. Why Won't the Sun Come Out

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