Usher Speaks On Capitalizing On Keke Palmer Controversy

Usher recently addressed the controversy surrounding his viral moment with Keke Palmer. In an interview on "The Breakfast Club," the R&B icon downplayed the fallout, suggesting that the entire situation was sensationalized. Instead of dwelling on it, Usher and his team capitalized on the moment.

During the interview, Usher was questioned about the differences between his Vegas shows and his newly announced Super Bowl LVIII halftime performance. One of these Vegas shows had allegedly jeopardized Keke Palmer's relationship with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson, during the 4th of July weekend.

Usher commented on the situation, stating that the internet was to blame for blowing things out of proportion. However, he expressed no regrets. In fact, he and Keke Palmer collaborated on a music video titled "Boyfriend" that leaned into the controversy.

Keke Palmer, on the other hand, has been tight-lipped about her relationship status with Darius Jackson. When asked about it on morning TV, she responded by referencing Beyoncé, saying, "I'm gonna take a page out of my girl Beyoncé's book: mind y'all's business."

On the topic of the Super Bowl, Usher revealed that Jay-Z had informed him about his halftime show performance. He remained coy about potential guest appearances, but there's speculation that Jermaine, Justin, and Jon might join him on stage.

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