Ugly God Accused Of Murdering Best Friend's Father

Ugly God, a notable figure in the hip hop scene, has been accused of a fatal shooting that took place in Mississippi in June. The victim was the father of his best friend. The family of the deceased, 51-year-old Renaldo Delavallade, is convinced that Ugly God is responsible for the crime.

The incident occurred on June 29, when law enforcement responded to a 911 call reporting a shooting. Upon arrival, they found Delavallade dead with multiple gunshot wounds inside a car. A suspect was taken into custody, but the motive and circumstances surrounding the shooting remained unclear.

A relative of Delavallade has since posted several TikTok videos accusing Ugly God of being the shooter. The relative also shared a police report alleging that Ugly God shot Delavallade with a small caliber handgun while the victim was sitting in his car.

The relative's posts suggest that there was an argument the night before the shooting involving Delavallade's wife and the mother of Ugly God. The following day, Delavallade was reportedly lured back to the house under the pretense that his 11-year-old son was being evicted. The relative alleges that Delavallade was shot four times in the face by Ugly God as he was leaving the property in his car.

The relative also claims that Ugly God has been bragging about the crime and has not been prosecuted due to his uncle being a judge in the city. As of now, it is unclear whether Ugly God is in police custody or has been charged with a crime. The rapper has not responded to the allegations or updated his social media accounts since the day of the shooting.

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