Soulja Boy Goes On Rant After Lil Yachty Says He Was The First Rapper To Stream On Twitch

Soulja Boy has recently expressed his displeasure towards Lil Yachty and Drake, particularly targeting Yachty for his claims about streaming on Twitch. Yachty had state that he and Post Malone were the first rappers to adopt streaming on the platform.

However, Soulja Boy refutes this, pointing out that he's been on Twitch since 2013, while Yachty only joined in 2016.

In a passionate IG Live session, Soulja Boy confronted Yachty with a series of disses and showcased stacks of cash, implying his longstanding wealth. He also made remarks about Yachty's painted nails.

Drake wasn't spared from Soulja Boy's tirade either, though the specifics of their beef weren't elaborated upon.

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