Rick Ross Responds To Dee-1's Critique On Older Rappers Glorifying Murder

Dee-1 and Rick Ross are lighting up Instagram with some real talk about hip-hop and its messages. Dee-1 hit up Sway's Universe and put it straight – he's not down with Ross, Meek Mill, and Jim Jones still dropping bars about taking lives, especially when the rap game's been losing too many voices. He's calling them out, saying it's time to grow up and do better.

Ross clapped back, though. He's been out here for two decades, handing out turkeys every Thanksgiving in Miami-Dade, doing his bit for the block. But Dee-1's saying it's bigger than charity; it's about the stories they tell in their tracks and the legacy they leave.

The scene's watching this play out, with some like Teddy Riley giving props to Dee-1 for keeping it 100. It's a convo that's got everyone asking – what's the weight of words in hip-hop, and what's the balance between giving back and the game they spit?

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