Playboi Carti Pulls Up To Adin Ross's Stream (But Things Don't Go Too Well)

Adin Ross and his audience were gearing up for something special when Playboi Carti was announced to join his Kick stream post-Grammys. The excitement was off the charts, given Carti's fame and his usually private nature.

Adin threw a curveball by claiming he paid Carti $2 million and a Ferrari to make an appearance, a huge leap from the rumored $50,000. Fans were buzzing with anticipation.

However, excitement turned to disappointment quickly. Carti showed up two hours late and left just 5 minutes into the stream after some awkward small talk and a duffel bag of cash handover from Adin.

The actual payment Adin made to Carti remains a mystery, especially after a call with 21 Savage suggested Adin might not have paid the claimed $2 million. This incident adds to a string of controversial rapper appearances on Adin's stream, making fans wonder what's really going on behind the scenes.

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