NLE Choppa Says He Makes His Freakiest Songs Being Celibate: 'I Just F The Beat'

NNLE Choppa recently revealed that he creates his raunchiest songs when he is celibate. During an appearance on the Fame Flavor cooking show, the Tennessee rapper explained that abstaining from sex inspires him to channel his energy into making sexually explicit tracks. He humorously described the process as "fucking the beat."

Choppa discussed his latest track, "Slut Me Out 2," and addressed the criticism it received. The song features lyrics about how he would desire himself if he were a woman, leading some fans to question his sexual orientation. Anticipating backlash, Choppa clarified on X (formerly Twitter) that his intimacy lies solely with women and expressed his appreciation for self-love as a Black man.

Despite the mixed reactions, "Slut Me Out 2" has garnered significant support from the LGBTQ+ community, who appreciate its danceable vibe and self-loving lyrics. Choppa thanked the community for their support, stating that he values those who appreciate his craft, regardless of societal norms. He also defended himself against critics, emphasizing that showing gratitude has nothing to do with his sexuality.

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