Nardo Wick's Entourage Give Fan Concussion After Requesting A Photo

A fan of rapper Nardo Wick had a shocking experience after simply asking for a photo. This happened outside Club Skye in Tampa, where the fan, just 20 years old, saw Nardo leaving around 1:15 AM.

The fan approached Nardo and his crew, hoping for a quick photo. But things turned ugly fast. A member of Nardo's entourage suddenly sucker-punched him. The fan's head slammed against a concrete wall.

Stunned and unable to move, the fan was hit again, this time falling to the ground, his head hitting the pavement. Nardo, in a white shirt, appeared to try calming his team, but it was too late.

The fan ended up in the hospital with a severe concussion and some brain hemorrhaging. It's still unclear if he'll have long-term issues. The police are now investigating.

- LaVanton Gilmore

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