Kanye West Reportedly Made $19 Million From His YZY Super Bowl Commercial

Kanye West had a significant weekend, marked by the release of his new album "Vultures" with Ty Dolla $ign. The project, which was long-awaited by fans, has elicited mixed reactions. While some have embraced it, others criticize it for being too dull. Regardless, "Vultures" has achieved notable success, becoming the number one streamed album in 100 countries.

In addition to his musical achievements, Kanye made headlines with a Yeezy advertisement during the Super Bowl. The ad was straightforward, featuring Kanye speaking into his phone from the back of a car. Despite its simplicity, the commercial appears to have been effective. Kanye shared on Instagram that the website received nearly 295,000 orders, leading to $19 million in sales.

These accomplishments come at a time when Kanye has been a polarizing figure due to various controversies over the past few years. His comments and actions have often led to public backlash. However, it's clear that he retains a dedicated fanbase. This loyal following continues to support him by buying his products and streaming his music, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to Kanye's brand and creative output.

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