Kanye West Files 26 New Trademarks For The Term "YEWS"

Kanye West is reportedly working behind the scenes to secure trademark rights for "Yews." He intends to use this phrase for a wide range of products and services, from streaming to restaurants. The trademark filing, which TMZ obtained and was submitted earlier this month, is connected to an LLC named Ox Paha Inc. This LLC's address is linked to Kanye's office on Melrose Ave. It's still uncertain what Kanye's specific plans are for the word "Yews" or if he was the one who filed for it.

Documents reveal that Kanye aims to use "Yews" for financial services, real estate, clothing, footwear, jeans, music and audio entertainment content, beauty products, restaurants, and much more. There's public speculation about whether "Yews" has any connection to the word "Jews" and the controversies surrounding Kanye.

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