Kanye West Allegedly Avoided Meeting Diddy At Rolling Loud

Kanye West reportedly avoided a meeting with Diddy during the Rolling Loud festival, according to a TMZ report. Despite Diddy and his crew setting up backstage to watch Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign's performance, with intentions of meeting afterwards, Kanye showed no interest in such an encounter.

This avoidance comes after a history of public disagreements between the two, notably over Kanye's "White Lives Matter" T-shirt controversy. Kanye had previously expressed his dissatisfaction with Diddy's reaction to the controversy, emphasizing his independence and financial motivations.

The report also touches on recent allegations against Diddy, including a claim by cultural critic Toure on MSNBC's "The ReidOut," suggesting Diddy made inappropriate advances towards a male relative of Toure's who was interning for him. This adds to the growing scrutiny around Diddy, following federal raids on his homes as part of a sex trafficking investigation.

Kanye's decision to steer clear of Diddy at Rolling Loud reflects the complex and often tense relationships within the hip-hop community, further complicated by legal and ethical controversies surrounding prominent figures.

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