Kanye Enters Feud Between Kendrick Lamar & Drake: "Everyone Knows" They're Washed

Kanye West has boldly claimed that he outperformed both Drake and Kendrick Lamar, adding a new layer to the ongoing rivalry between the latter two artists.

In a recent social media post, West reflected on his collaborations and achievements, stating unequivocally that he "washed" Kendrick Lamar on their 2016 track "No More Parties in LA" and did the same to Drake during their Free Hoover concert.

West's assertion extends beyond these collaborations, as he also credited himself with significant contributions to the culture, including his influence on Adidas and his work with other notable creatives.

This declaration came amidst the backdrop of a new song from Future and Metro Boomin's album "We Don't Trust You," featuring Kendrick Lamar, where Lamar appears to take shots at both Drake and J. Cole.

Lamar's verse has reignited discussions about the "big three" of modern hip-hop, a term often used to refer to Lamar, Drake, and Cole themselves. Kendrick's lyrics suggest he sees himself as the sole leader in the rap game, a stance that has sparked further debate among fans and artists alike.

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