Kai Cenat Thought SZA Blocked Him After Shooting His Shot

Internet sensation Kai Cenat recently found himself in a bit of a social media pickle. During a Twitch stream with rapper Offset, Cenat opened up about his crush on singer SZA. Offset, in a bid to play cupid, advised Cenat to slide into SZA's Instagram DMs with a smooth opener.

Taking Offset's advice, Cenat messaged SZA but didn't get the response he was hoping for. Instead, he received an automated notification from Instagram, stating that he could continue messaging once his invite was accepted. This led Cenat to believe he had been blocked by the singer.

However, it turns out that Instagram's recent update requires an invitation acceptance for continued messaging. This change aims to give users more control over their inboxes, according to TechCrunch. So, it seems Kai Cenat might not have been blocked after all; it's just the platform's new rules.

Offset's advice and the subsequent DM mishap weren't the only things making headlines. Cardi B, Offset's partner, also expressed her desire to make "more freaky music" with him. She mentioned this in another interview, adding a humorous note about being distracted by Offset's Michael Jackson tattoo during intimate moments.

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