Kai Cenat Says "F*ck All Of You!" & Abruptly Ends His Stream

Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat recently had an emotional meltdown during a live stream of the game Fall Guys. The incident occurred after a grueling three-hour session in which he failed to secure a single win. Frustration reached its peak when he was eliminated from the "Bean Hill Zone," a mini-game within Fall Guys.

Unable to contain his emotions, Kai turned off the game and went on a heated rant, questioning the point of his efforts and lashing out at his moderators. He even announced that he would be taking a break from streaming until he travels to the United Kingdom for a charity match.

Kai's emotional outburst was met with mixed reactions from the streaming community. While some found it amusing, others expressed concern for his well-being. This isn't the first time Kai has had an emotional episode on stream; he has a history of letting his frustrations get the best of him.

Kai is set to participate in the Sidemen Charity Match 2023, which will be live-streamed on September 9th.

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