Joe Budden Stands W/ Melyssa Ford After Alleged 'Underage Escort' Comments About Cam'Ron

Joe Budden has responded to Cam'ron's threat of a lawsuit over comments made by Melyssa Ford, Budden's co-host.

During a recent episode of "The Joe Budden Podcast," Ford raised a question about the possibility of underage girls being present at a brothel that Cam'ron had visited in the 90s. This suggestion was met with immediate backlash from her co-hosts, including Budden, who found her comments inappropriate.

Cam'ron, taking offense to Ford's insinuation, threatened legal action and even deportation, as Ford is originally from Canada. He mentioned having connections with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and warned Ford to tread lightly.

Despite Ford issuing an apology, Cam'ron dismissed it as insincere and accused her of previously engaging in questionable activities for money.

Budden, in his podcast, expressed support for Ford and criticized those involved in the drama, stating that he doesn't engage in back-and-forth disputes and stands with Ford as a coworker and friend. He challenged the lawsuit threat, telling them to call their lawyer if they believe they have a case.

The situation has escalated, with Cam'ron considering suing for defamation of character, although he expressed some hesitation, wondering if pursuing legal action would make him appear unreasonable. This ongoing dispute highlights the complex dynamics of public figures addressing sensitive allegations and the potential legal ramifications that can arise from such discussions.

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