Gunplay Arrested For Battery And Child Abuse

MMG rapper Gunplay has been arrested following allegations of violence and threats against his wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales. According to reports from TMZ Hip Hop, Vonshae claimed that after returning from dinner, an intoxicated Gunplay became aggressive while playing his Xbox. She alleges that when she asked him to lower the volume, he began hurling glass liquor bottles in her direction, prompting her to shield their 6-month-old daughter with a blanket. The situation escalated when Gunplay allegedly pressed an AK-47 rifle against Vonshae's chest, even as she held their baby, and threatened her. Vonshae also stated that she tried to leave, but Gunplay blocked her path and attempted to snatch the baby. She managed to secure the rifle and escape, later announcing on Instagram her intention to file for divorce after a year of marriage. Although Gunplay denied the accusations, he was arrested and charged. This incident comes shortly after Gunplay's public outburst at a club during his 44th birthday celebrations last month. Following these events, he has deactivated all his social media accounts.

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