Footage Surfaces Of Diddy Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, in 2016

In an exclusive obtained by CNN, a 2016 surveillance video shows Sean "Diddy" Combs physically assaulting his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura. The footage, compiled from multiple camera angles, captures Diddy grabbing, shoving, dragging, and kicking Cassie during an altercation at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles. This incident aligns with allegations Cassie made in a now-settled federal lawsuit filed in November.

In the video, Cassie exits a hotel room and walks to a bank of elevators. Diddy, holding a towel around his waist, runs after her, grabs her by the neck, and throws her to the floor. He then kicks her while she lies motionless before briefly dragging her by her sweatshirt. The footage shows further aggressive actions, including shoving and throwing objects at Cassie.

Cassie’s lawsuit detailed numerous instances of abuse throughout their relationship from 2007 to 2018, including a specific incident in March 2016 when Diddy became intoxicated, punched her, and threw glass vases at her. Despite initially leaving the hotel, Cassie returned to apologize, only to face further violence. The lawsuit claimed Diddy paid $50,000 to the hotel for the security footage of the incident.

Cassie's attorney, Douglas H. Wigdor, stated that the video confirmed Diddy's predatory behavior, praising Cassie's courage in coming forward. While Diddy has denied all allegations, his attorney criticized the authorities for excessive force during recent raids on Diddy’s properties, calling the investigation a "witch hunt."

This incident is part of a broader investigation into Diddy, who faces multiple civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual misconduct and other illegal activities, which he denies. The investigation continues amidst these serious allegations.

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