Drake Shuts Down Nose Job Rumors After Rick Ross Diss

Drake has responded to Rick Ross's accusations from the diss track "Champagne Moments," which suggested that Drake had undergone a nose job. In a sharp retort shared on his Instagram story, Drake humorously dismissed the surgery claims and hit back, suggesting Ross's aggressive behavior was due to his use of Mounjaro, a weight loss drug. He quipped about a "two-for-one" deal he would have taken on the surgery to lighten the mood with his mother.

Ross's track accused Drake of trying to distance himself from his black heritage, a claim that Drake addressed by referring to Ross as "loopy" from his diet medication, impacting his mental state and driving him to make unfounded accusations. The exchange between the two artists is the latest in a series of public spats that continue to capture the attention of the hip-hop community.

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