Drake RIPS Joe Budden After Album Critique

Drake RIPS Joe Budden After Album Critique

Joe Budden recently expressed his views on his podcast about Drake's new album, "For All the Dogs." He portrayed Drake as an "old head" attempting to resonate with the younger audience. Budden further opined that Drake should "grow up" and not continually try to win over the youth.

He didn't stop there; Budden also advised Drake to distance himself from younger YouTube personalities and Gen Z rappers. He even touched upon aspects of Drake's personal life in his critique.

Drake didn't take these comments lightly. He retaliated with forceful words, branding Budden a "failure" in the realm of music and labeling him a "quitter." Drake stressed that artists should think twice before heeding advice from someone who hasn't tasted success in the music world.

In the aftermath of Drake's sharp response, Budden appeared to tone down, taking to Twitter to convey that he might have been "a little carried away." However, he maintained that there's room for Drake's musical content to evolve and mature.

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