Drake & Lil Wayne Seen On Stage With Teleprompters During Live Performance: Karaoke?

Drake and Lil Wayne have sparked a conversation after it was revealed they used a teleprompter during a recent performance in Sunrise, Florida, as part of Drake's "It's All A Blur" tour. A video circulating online showed Lil Wayne referring to a teleprompter while performing "Right Above It," a collaboration with Drake, leading some to compare the performance to karaoke. This revelation has prompted a debate about the use of teleprompters by rap artists during live performances.

Fans and observers quickly came to Lil Wayne's defense, highlighting his extensive discography and the challenge of remembering lyrics from thousands of songs. With over 3,051 songs listed on Genius and a track like "10,000 Bars," which contains 7,000 words, supporters argue that using a teleprompter is understandable for an artist with such a prolific output.

Lil Wayne himself has previously discussed the difficulty of remembering his own lyrics. In a 2020 conversation with Eminem on the Young Money Radio show, both artists admitted to googling their own lyrics to avoid repetition. Eminem shared his own experience of ensuring his work remains fresh and innovative, emphasizing the importance of continually finding new flows and cadences.

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