Drake Clowns Noah Lyles For NBA Champs Rant

Drake Clowns Noah Lyles For NBA Champs Rant

Noah Lyles, a U.S. track and field star, recently stirred the pot on social media. He questioned why the NBA calls their finals winners "world champions." His point? The NBA is mostly U.S.-based, except for the Toronto Raptors. So, he argues, the term "world champions" should be for competitions that are truly international.

Not one to stay silent, Canadian rapper Drake chimed in. He suggested that Lyles was overthinking things and that the league wasn't taking him seriously. Drake's comments were part of a larger conversation that included NBA stars like Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard. Both seemed to disagree with Lyles.

This debate opens up some interesting questions. Should the NBA, which is mainly an American league, use the term "world champions"? It's a hot topic, especially since basketball is a global sport, but the NBA is largely an American show.

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