Doja Cat Under Fire For Alt-Right Shirt Featuring Sam Hyde

Doja Cat, a renowned rapper and singer, has recently come under scrutiny for her choice of attire. She wore a shirt showcasing a meme linked to the alt-right, which features comedian Sam Hyde.

This particular image of Hyde has stirred controversy online. After mass shootings in the U.S., some far-right individuals have misleadingly identified Hyde as the shooter. Hyde, known for his distinct comedic style, is a favorite among online trolls. Some critics even accuse him of promoting neo-Nazi views.

The shirt depicting Hyde's image is up for sale on his personal website. This recent episode is not Doja Cat's first encounter with controversy. In the past, she released a song that utilized a term popular among white supremacists. Additionally, she was involved in chat room discussions that were allegedly racially biased.

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