DJ Vlad Speaks With Piers Morgan After Keefe D Arrest

The recent arrest of Duane "Keefe D" Davis for his alleged involvement in Tupac Shakur's murder has reignited public interest in the long-unsolved case. DJ Vlad, in a conversation with Piers Morgan, shed light on his previous interview with Keefe D, which has gained renewed attention since Davis's arrest.

During the discussion, Vlad emphasized that his intention was never to lead to anyone's arrest but to uncover the truth. He was aware of the narrative involving Orlando Anderson's alleged role in Tupac's death, but it was Keefe D's confession tapes that prompted Vlad to interview him. In their conversation, Keefe D seemed to think he was immune from prosecution, possibly due to his belief that he had cancer, which might have influenced his willingness to divulge details.

Vlad structured his questions around Keefe D's upcoming book, and Keefe D largely aligned his answers with the book's content. Interestingly, the Las Vegas police approached Vlad for the raw footage of his interview with Keefe D. However, Vlad declined, stating his commitment to not betraying his interviewees. He had legal representation that prevented the police from accessing the footage.

Vlad also touched upon the potential risks associated with his line of work. He mentioned that he always ensures his safety by employing armed security when needed. He believes that the mystery surrounding Tupac's death was essentially resolved four years ago during his initial interview with Keefe D. While Tupac's family hasn't been vocal about wanting the case solved by the police, some family members have expressed appreciation for Vlad's interview.

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