DJ Akademiks Sued For Sexual Assault & Defamation

DJ Akademiks is facing a lawsuit for sexual assault and defamation, brought against him by Fauziya Abashe, also known as Ziya. The lawsuit alleges that during a gathering on July 16, 2022, Ziya was raped by Akademiks and two unnamed individuals after they supposedly spiked her drink. The incident reportedly took place both outside on a pool deck and later inside a home. Ziya claims that Akademiks also attempted to engage in non-consensual sexual activities with her in the early hours following the event.

In response to the allegations, Akademiks went live on his Rumble stream, labeling the lawsuit as a shakedown and insisting on his innocence. He mentioned that police and prosecutors had viewed footage related to the case and decided not to pursue charges. Akademiks stated his readiness to defend himself in court if necessary.

The legal representation for Ziya is provided by Tyrone Blackburn, known for handling high-profile cases. This lawsuit adds to a history of controversies surrounding Akademiks, further complicating his public and professional life.

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