Diddy Has Sold All His Shares Of Revolt To An Anonymous Buyer

Diddy has reportedly sold all his shares of Revolt, the media company he founded, to an anonymous bidder, according to TMZ. This significant move, reported on March 26, 2024, marks the end of Diddy's direct association with the company established in 2013. While the identity of the new owner has not been disclosed, it has been confirmed that the company remains black-owned, with a formal introduction of the new owner expected in the coming weeks.

This sale comes amidst a backdrop of controversy and legal challenges for Diddy, including three sexual assault lawsuits, one of which involved his ex-girlfriend Cassie and has since been settled. Prior to these issues, Diddy had expressed interest in purchasing a majority stake in BET, aiming to make the network black-owned again. However, his temporary step down as the chairman of Revolt in November 2023 followed these legal disputes.

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