Diddy & Cassie Reach Amicable Settlement In Lawsuit Alleging Rape & Abuse

Diddy and Cassie have amicably settled a lawsuit just one day after it was filed by Cassie in New York.

The lawsuit accused Diddy of rape, sex trafficking, domestic violence, and more. Both parties have agreed to resolve the claims to their mutual satisfaction, and no further details about the terms of the agreement will be released publicly.

Cassie, in a statement, expressed her desire to have some level of control over the resolution and thanked her family, fans, and lawyers for their support.

Her attorney, Douglas Wigdor, commended her for her strength in going public with the lawsuit. Diddy also stated his wish for an amicable resolution and extended his best wishes to Cassie and her family.

The lawsuit had alleged that Cassie was subjected to a decade-long cycle of abuse, violence, and sex trafficking. Cassie had stated that she was ready to tell her story and speak up for herself and other women facing violence and abuse in relationships.

The lawsuit also claimed that all aspects of Cassie's life were controlled by Diddy or his management companies, including allegations of severe beatings and forced encounters with sex workers.

Diddy's lawyer, Ben Brafman, had denied the allegations, calling them offensive and outrageous. He also accused Cassie of blackmail and seeking a payday. However, Wigdor refuted these claims, stating that Diddy had offered Cassie a significant sum to prevent the filing of the lawsuit, which she rejected.

This settlement brings an end to the legal dispute between Diddy and Cassie, who had a long-standing relationship and professional collaboration.

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