DDG Bids Farewell to YouTube to Pursue Rap Career Full-Time

Hello, everyone! This is BackOnFigg.TV, your premier destination for all things hip hop and sports in Los Angeles. Today, we're bringing you an update on the career shift of popular YouTuber turned rapper, DDG.

DDG, a well-known figure in the YouTube community with over 3.24 million subscribers, has announced that he will no longer be creating content for the platform. Instead, he plans to focus solely on his rap career. This decision came after DDG posed a question to his fans on Twitter, asking them to choose between YouTube and music. The responses were divided, but DDG confirmed in his latest YouTube video that it would be his last.

DDG's decision to leave YouTube was not taken lightly. He started his YouTube career to pay his bills and make money. However, his passion for music has always been his driving force. He stated, "I was doing YouTube to eat. I was doing YouTube to pay my bills and make money… if you told me right now you wouldn’t make a dollar off rapping, I would still do it. I don’t want no plan B."

This decision comes after the release of his latest single, 'Famous', which sparked some controversy due to its lyrics about his insecurities in his relationship with Halle Bailey. Despite the criticism, DDG explained that the song is just for "entertainment."

DDG has been known for his Twitter antics and has been involved in several feuds on the platform. However, he recently reflected on his past behavior, hinting at potential changes in his approach. He tweeted, "Looking back on my Twitter antics and rants these past few months, not gonna lie, I was trippin."

Despite the risk of losing his relevancy by quitting YouTube, DDG is ready to take a pay cut to chase his dreams. He ignited a heated Twitter debate last year when he claimed that YouTubers and streamers make more money than rappers. Now, he's ready to prove his dedication to his music career.

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