Charleston White Attacked On Stage During Comedy Show

In a recent event at a comedy show in Crockett, Texas, Charleston White, a comedian known for his controversial style, encountered an unexpected situation.

During his performance, he was heckled by some audience members, specifically two men wearing Los Angeles Lakers jerseys. This led to a verbal exchange between White and the hecklers.

As the situation escalated, White reportedly felt threatened and responded by throwing a pot of flowers at one of the men, who was approaching the stage. This action triggered a physical altercation, with videos circulating online showing White being tackled and subsequently attacked by the two men, along with others joining in.

Despite the chaos, White later claimed on Instagram that he left the event unharmed and was even able to count his payment for the show without any injuries. He also mentioned that he had to defend himself against several people during the incident.

This event has sparked various reactions online, with some viewers discussing the nature of heckling at comedy shows and the limits of audience interaction with performers.

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- LaVanton Gilmore

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