Camila Cabello & Playboi Carti Team Up For "I Luv It"

Playboi Carti has collaborated with Camila Cabello on her new single "I Luv It," which samples Gucci Mane's iconic track "Lemonade" and interpolates Rihanna's 2011 hit "Cockiness (Love It)."

In the song, Cabello delivers a catchy post-chorus, while Carti adds his unique flair with a slurred, melodic verse. The accompanying music video features a series of whimsical and surreal scenes, including Cabello in a wrestling match and the duo meeting up at a convenience store.

Cabello described the track as inspired by the rare, intense chemistry she's experienced with others, highlighting the emotional drama and passion that comes with such connections. She appreciates the unsustainable, chaotic nature of these relationships, stating, "It's unsustainable and not peaceful and exhausting, but also I luv it."

This collaboration marks a continuation of Carti and Cabello's closely watched relationship, which came into the public eye at the end of 2023 through a shared Facetime screenshot. Despite not commenting on the specifics of their relationship, they have not shied away from public speculation. Their studio session in December likely led to the creation of "I Luv It."

The release of "I Luv It" comes amidst news of Carti canceling his highly anticipated Antagonist tour, leaving fans disappointed and his future plans uncertain. The tour's cancellation, initially set for the second half of 2023, was announced just days before its start, with no clear reason provided.

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