André 3000 Drops Exclusive 'Flute' Album, New Blue Sun

Andre 3000 has just released "New Blue Sun," an all-instrumental album that he announced as a surprise this week.

This unique album features flute-centric improvisations, showcasing a different side of the artist known for his work with Outkast. The album includes contributions from Carlos Niño, Surya Botofasina, and Nate Mercereau, among others.

In "New Blue Sun," Andre 3000 is credited for playing a variety of instruments, including digital wind instruments, contrabass flute, wood and bamboo flutes, and Maya flute pedals. One of the tracks even humorously references an experience in Hawaii where Andre turned into a panther and started making low register purring tones, a moment he describes as wild.

This release is particularly notable as it's Andre 3000's first solo album after Outkast stopped making albums. It's a departure from his previous work, focusing on flutecentric improvised instrumentals rather than rap. Andre 3000 shared in an NPR interview that while he has songs, he doesn't feel happy about sharing rap pieces, but "New Blue Sun" was something he really wanted people to hear.

The album was produced by Andre Benjamin and Carlos Niño, with additional engineering and mixing by Ken Oriole, Fab Dupont, and others. It's a testament to Andre 3000's evolving artistry and his desire to explore new musical territories.

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