Aaron Donald Announces Retirement

Aaron Donald concludes his HoF Football Career

Aaron Donald, a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, has announced his unexpected retirement at age 32.

In his statement, Donald expressed deep gratitude for his NFL journey, emphasizing his year-round commitment to excellence in football.

"Throughout my career, I have given my everything to football both mentally and physically -- 365 days a year was dedicated to becoming the best possible player I could be.

I respected this game like no other and I'm blessed to be able to conclude my NFL career with the same franchise that drafted me.

Not many people get drafted to a team, win a World Championship with that team and retire with that team. I do not, and will not, take that for granted," Donald wrote on social media.

Aaron Donald transformed the role of defensive tackle, becoming only the third player ever to clinch the Defensive Player of the Year award thrice.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVey praised Donald's profound impact on the team, noting his exceptional leadership, competitive spirit, and ability to inspire his teammates to excel, which he conveyed in a heartfelt statement.

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