50 Cent Drags Jay Z Into Diddy Drama

50 Cent has been actively engaging in online trolling following the raid of Diddy's homes across the United States by federal agents. In his latest move, 50 Cent has brought Jay-Z into the drama, suggesting that Jay-Z is avoiding Diddy's calls. On Instagram, 50 Cent posted an image of a milk carton with Jay-Z's face on the "missing children's ad" slot, jokingly asking if anyone has seen Jay-Z and mentioning that Diddy said Jay-Z isn't answering his phone.

This trolling spree began after the Homeland Security investigation into Diddy's properties was revealed. 50 Cent shared a doctored video of Donald Trump making derogatory remarks, supposedly aimed at Diddy, and even referenced rumors about Meek Mill's involvement with Diddy. 50 Cent's posts have not only targeted Diddy but also hinted at broader controversies, including his prediction that Trump might win the 2024 presidential election.

The situation escalated quickly, with 50 Cent making light of Diddy's legal troubles immediately after the raid was publicized. He shared screenshots of reports about the raid, including aerial shots of Diddy's homes in Miami and Los Angeles, and commented on the seriousness of the situation, suggesting that federal agents wouldn't raid without a substantial case.

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