21 Savage Caught Scamming Adin Ross In Card Game

During a live gambling stream with Adin Ross on February 2, 21 Savage got called out for possibly cheating. The stream showed them playing cards with big money on the line, but things got sketchy when Savage picked a card that looked marked, winning him $250,000. Viewers noticed and called it out to Ross, who then found out some cards were scratched to be easily identified.

Ross pointed out the marks on stream, and though they called off the bet, fans weren't happy. They accused Savage of intentionally cheating, especially since it all happened on camera. Despite Ross saying the cards weren't Savage's, the incident left fans questioning his integrity.

Some folks think the whole thing might have been staged for views, stirring up more drama. Savage hasn't commented on the accusations, but the debate continues online. It's a messy situation that's got everyone talking about what really went down during that stream.

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